The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences provides the most conducive environment for academics. Nestled amidst misty mountains of the scenic province of Coorg lies the CIDS, an institute whose campus competes with the best holiday resorts of the world. The campus has beautifully laid out landscaped gardens, aesthetic brick and stone buildings that blend with nature and comfortable hostel accommodation for all our students on the campus.

Utmost care has been given to provide the students a customized infrastructure most suited to achieve academic excellence. This includes state of the art learning centers, laboratories and library. Their hand skills are honed with the use of cutting edge equipment used in all spheres of dental practice. These facilities are regularly updated with vital inputs from the students, technical committee and the industry. 'Patient care with a humane touch' has been our motto and the human interface in patient treatment is backed by the latest and sophisticated dental and medical equipment. Digitization has been achieved in several aspects of patient care as part of our 'Green CIDS' initiative and has been successful in minimizing paper waste.

Green CIDS

The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences is probably the most environment friendly Health Institution in the country!! Fresh air and greenery aplenty, located in the top nature with natural fresh water springs aplenty on the beautiful thirty acre nature campus.

In today age of global warming, the campus offers, a lush green ecology. In many ways, it confers to the 'gurukul' system of teaching which was in practice in ancient India - to study amidst nature.

India can no longer afford the growth of urban centers with water scarcity poor garbage disposed, population explosion, back of fresh air and green belts. Indian urban centers are exploding!! At Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences we live healthy!!

Go Green:
The "Go Green" idea under the GREEN CIDS PROJECT is prevalent in our Institute. The aim is to cover the maximum possible area with plants and trees. To further this cause we have collaborated with Anuraadh, an NGO with interest in the global environment.

In order to conserve electricity, the Institute has been designed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation in every clinic and class room. The institute is in the process of self-sufficiency in power generation and utilisation through solar electrification.

Patient records have been digitized in order to minimize usage of paper. Water conservation with rain water harvesting is practiced in the institution and all our hostels. Sewage treatment plan have been set up and the recycled water is utilized in nurturing the greenery in the campus. Biogas plants in the campus help in conversion of organic waste into biogas which is used in the kitchen.

These initiatives have indeed lessened our carbon footprint and has made The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences in every sense of the word an 'environmentalist's friend'.

Student and Faculty Amenities

The Management has resolved to admit only 40 students at the graduate level annually so that quality education can be imparted. This also translates into optimum exposure and utilization of resources for both students and staff.

Sports Facilities: Coorg is the proud home of several national and international athletes. Sports is ‘a way of life’ for the Kodavas. We in CIDS continue the sporting tradition of Coorg. Several avenues are made available for the students and staff to be fit and healthy. Indoor and outdoor sports arena in the institute are well equipped and encourage sports enthusiasts to pursue their sporting interest. The institute also has strategic tie-ups with external sporting associations with coaching facility.

Indoor Games:
Popular indoor games played on campus are Badminton, Billiards, Pool, Table tennis, Tennicoit, Chess and Carroms.

This is another very popular place on campus providing fitness mantra for both faculty and students. This sure will help you not only build lean muscle but also cultivate a sharp mind.

Outdoor Games:
A world class outdoor stadium on campus provides facilities for cricket, basketball, volleyball, hockey, football, throwball and tennis.
"The Coorg Coffee Cup" a very popular national level Inter Dental Cricket Tourney hosted by the Institute annually attracts about twenty five teams every year for a one week Cricket extravaganza.

Staff and students can go for a drive and look out for a birdie on the challenging one hundred and twenty acre, eighteen hole golf course at Coorg Golf Links, Bittangala. Mr. K .K. Aiyapa, the Chairman of Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences and his family are instrumental in founding this golf course. Mr. K. K. Aiyapa is the patron of Coorg Golf Links. The Institute sponsors the popular Patron’s Cup Golf Tourney annually which has Golfers from all over the world participating. The course has a Club House and Resort attached with some breathtaking views that attracts golf aficionados from all over the world. Students wishing to learn golf can enroll for training at this premiere golf course.

Dining facilities: Cafeteria:
The Caféteria and kitchens are well staffed with ten cooks who provide delicious western and eastern cuisine. The kitchen maintains strict hygiene conditions and follows best catering practices. Fresh farm produce from Hunsur and Mysore and fresh cow milk from Springdale estate are procured on a daily basis to foster better taste and good health.

Café Cloud 9:
Café Cloud 9 is placed up in the clouds at one of the most vantage view points on campus. It is a popular place for most students and faculty; and provides the most delicious fresh homemade cakes, bakes and beverages. Not to mention a variety of ice creams waiting to be eaten in the misty afterhours of Coorg with the added luxury of satellite television.

Canteen Kiosk: The canteen kiosk next to the clinical departments cater not only to the patients but also to the dentists. It helps you take energy replenishing bites between your busy schedules.

Internet Kiosk:
A high speed Internet café provides all on campus quick communication with the outside world and provides all round DTP solutions with facilities for designing, printing, scanning and editing. You can update your music collection here!

Comfortable, clean and safe hostels are provided for ladies and men on campus. Hostel facilities are available for graduate and post graduate students. The hostels allows students to live together in a multi-cultural environment that fosters academic growth and personal and social development as well.

The rooms available to students as single room or double rooms with attached bathrooms. Smoking, drinking, ragging, drug abuse are strictly prohibited on the campus. Staff are deputed to monitor the situation within the campus to ensure such events do not occur. The hostels are equipped with colour television and cable networks.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library"- J.L. Borges.

The library at CIDS is situated at the top echelons of the hill overlooking the entire campus. Surrounded by tall trees and chirping birds, the library is well ventilated with an indoor garden provides a perfect backdrop for a great study time. Scientifically chosen wall colors also enhance the scholastic ambience. The library is open from 9 AM to 9 PM on all working days.

The 9010 sq. feet library houses all major books and journals pertaining to Dentistry and Medicine. It has over 1500 titles and 4000 books with international and national journals. It also has a repository of dissertations submitted to various universities of the country. The library has an AV center in its postgraduate wing. Internet access is available throughout the working hours along with online access to a various journals through J-Gate (Helinet consortium). The Library Committee is entrusted with the onerous task of budgeting and acquisition of newer and relevant titles on an annual basis.

The library also has an enviable collection of Kodava literature depicting the rich culture of Coorg and her people.

The college auditorium provides a suitable platform for academic and extracurricular activities. It is two-tiered and seats around 350 guests. It has state of the art audiovisual equipment with provision for three screens. Two green rooms and a wide stage ensures seamless progression of stage events.

Lecture halls:
There are 5 lecture halls in the campus which have facilities ranging from chalk and talk to live streaming. Academic sessions are undertaken in Power point and Interactive video format with the reading material made available to students for future reference.

Seminar Halls:
Each of the nine dental departments have their exclusive seminar halls equipped with audiovisual equipment enabling power point presentations and interactive video sessions.

Laboratories: Well-equipped laboratories are present in each of the basic sciences department enabling not only graduate curriculum program but, also facilitating research for both graduate and postgraduate programs (See Research). Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Aavishkar- Central laboratory for Research also operate catering to patient services and Research. Preclinical laboratories for Prosthodontics and Conservative Dentistry accommodate hands-on demonstration programs along with graduate curricula.
Student Services:
In keeping with overall student development CIDS conducts the annual intra-collegiate Sports and Cultural months that opens up fresh vistas of opportunities for the students and staff to exhibit their sporting and cultural prowess.

Movie Club:
Blockbuster movies of Hindi, English, Kannada and Malayalam movies are shown each Saturday evening barring the weeks leading up to and during examinations. The movies are screened in the spacious auditorium hall making the weekend memorable with movies and friends.
Music School:
A dedicated facility for students and staff who want to unwind to the tunes of the hills. Mr. Franko from Madikeri visits the institute twice a week to teach the dentists with musical notes. Violin, Keyboard and Guitar lessons are offered in the school and this is open for children of staff and outsiders too.

CIDS offers members of the faculty, students and patients, complimentary shuttle services between the campus and the town, at half-hourly intervals. Transport services are provided to students for outings as well in the evenings and on holidays.

Health Services:
The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences is a completely self-contained township and has its own in-house medical emergency room, personal wards, pharmacy and duty doctors to attend to any health emergency. Specialists are available on call.

A well-established team of counsellors and an efficient system of counseling is available round the clock to keep the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences family happy.


Dental Clinics:
The dental clinics have been modelled to facilitate individual attention to both the student and the patient. The institute has 280 chairs which is well over the mandatory requirement. Each department has been adequately equipped with all the mandatory and the latest equipment for patient care. The layout of the clinics though situated at multiple levels on the hilly terrain is disabled friendly and easily accessible. A comprehensive dental clinic operates at the ground level in order to attend dental emergencies.

Exclusive and premium oral health care is provided at Samaadhaan (See Samaadhaan) for patients. The treatment is performed by a team of expert staff ably assisted by postgraduate students. The treatment options in addition to dental services include facial rejuvenation, hair transplant and an Ayurvedic spa.

The hematology and histopathology laboratory of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology conducts routine haematological investigations, Serological tests for HIV and HBSAg and advanced biochemical tests which include serum lipid profile, urea, uric acid, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase, SGOT, SGPT, total protein, albumin and bilirubin. The facilities are extended to not only the patients of the hospital but also to the general public.

The biochemical analyser is also used to conduct few very specific research oriented tests for salivary diagnosis and determination. This includes pH determination, salivary nitrate levels and buffering capacity

Peripheral Centres:
CIDS is operating fully functional satellite centres, adopted dental clinics at the Tibetan settlement, school dental clinics and special schools through the Department of Public Health Dentistry in order to provide comprehensive oral care at mofussil centres and in far flung hilly rural areas of Coorg and surrounding regions. The specially designed state of the art mobile dental units capable of providing oral health care at remote and inaccessible areas are utilized for this purpose. This also ensures wide clinical exposure to graduating interns.