Why Study at CIDS

CIDS is the place to be!! Ranked among top Indian dental colleges, CIDS offers you a golden oppurtunity to excel in academics and profession.


The fundamental principles governing research at the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences is Ethical, Responsible and Responsive research to all : the researcher, the subject and the community.

  • Aavishkaar Laboratories is the interface between research done at Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences campus, its International collaborators and society.
  • Assistance to research is done at both graduate and postgraduate level. The institute hosts the annual research extravaganza 'Quest' exclusively for the graduate students.
  • Students can pursue research in the institute or collaborate with our overseas friends. Research modules are a part of the undergraduate (BDS) curriculum from the 2013 academic year.
  • Abiding to ethical research through the Institutional Review Board which has a team of both external and internal members so as to encourage a critical yet constructive methodology of time bound research at the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Academic infusion of the idea of research through annual workshops and invited lectures on research basics and biostatistics.


The teaching and clinical infrastructure of the institute is one of the best in the country. The limited number of graduate students ensures more than adequate allocation of clinical resources for each student. The healthy student to staff ratio, well equipped clinics and laboratories, interactive lectures ensures the best in academics and research. The hygienic and comfortable hostels and Coorg make your stay here a truly memorable one.


Unique Teaching Models, both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, with the motto "Leave nothing to chance... Leave nothing in doubt". The academic programs abide by the university regulations but have been rightly modified to help the student achieve excellence.

  • Protocolled teaching models, with annually edited "Color Coded Books" for each Postgraduate speciality Departments and Undergraduate Program, detailing a day-to day time bound completion table for the three year MDS program. This encompasses areas of preclinical dentistry, clinical dentistry and theory.
  • Problem based integrated teaching is practiced with students being guided through various clinical scenarios to improve their clinical decision making.
  • Performance appraisal of students and guides is conducted at the end of every month for critical yet constructive skill development under the aegis of TALCOM (Teacher and Learner Committee). The students are assigned mentors to help overcome any obstacle.
  • Preparation for examinations including revision and confidence building exercises before the annual examinations.
  • Proficiency enhancement for all graduate students which hones their practical skills in the art of dentistry.
  • 'Push for Research', the emphasis on research and innovation ensures exposure of even the graduate student to all aspects of scientific investigation.
  • Partnership: Our international collaborations and annual student exchange programs help the students to keep themselves abreast of all the latest techniques and technology in the field of dentistry.


The cornerstone of dental education is patient care and all stakeholders at Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences : students, faculty and assisting staff are trained to ensure complete patient satisfaction.

Standard Operating Procedures have been published (link) and are strictly adhered to in the clinical environment. The policies and procedures described in the manual train the clinical student in oral hygiene, personal hygiene, etiquette, patient relations, sterilization and clinical management.

Swift action policy ensures minimum waiting time and hassle for the patient. No patient is made to wait more than 20 minutes under any circumstances.

State of the art clinical infrastructure ensures all the latest investigation and treatment possible.

Smile care policy: where treatment is offered with a smile to ensure the patient's smile.